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Notepad online is a service for keeping textual notes. You can type something into the notepad and then close it. The text will be saved automatically. Later, when you use the notepad again, you’ll see the notes, you texted earlier.

The service is totally free, there is no advertisement, registration or any paid options.

Who would need the service?

The service may be useful in cases when it is necessary to save quickly any text note, without quitting the browser. To start working with the notepad, there is no need to register at the website, unlike other similar websites. You can begin typing your text into the notepad at once, and then you can always get back to it, when you need.

Can your notes fall into wrong hands?

No, it is impossible. And that is why:

  1. Typed in text is kept only in your browser.
  2. Text doesn’t exist on the internet.
  3. Search systems can’t index your text.

All that guarantees that your text never gets on the Internet without your permission. It stays only within your local device.

Please note that other similar services for keeping notes, usually, send text to the server. You can’t be sure that someone won’t use your notes with bad intentions. Moreover, some services let the notes to be indexed by search systems. It means that using such services make your text notes visible to public on the Internet.

Where is your text stored?

Text notes that you keep in your notepad stay in the browser. Not on our servers or anywhere else. Typically, browser data is connected to your operating system account, Windows for example. It means that every user that has got a personal account will have personal notepad content.

Many browsers have a function of clearing data, such as: browser history, browser cache, passwords etc. If you clear browser data, the notepad content will be cleared up too. Normally, clearing browser data is not required. But if you still want to do that, do not put ticks in the points listed below in order to keep the content in your notepad. There are configurations for the most popular browsers, that are responsible for deleting all of the notepad content:

Google Chrome

Link to the settings: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Google Chrome browser configurations for deleting all of the Onlile Notepad content

Mozilla Firefox

Link to the settings: about:preferences#privacy

Mozilla Firefox browser configurations for deleting all of the Onlile Notepad content


Link to the settings: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Opera browser configurations for deleting all of the Onlile Notepad content

Internet Explorer

Text functions

Make text bold — Make the selected text bold or remove the bold font.

Make text italic — Make the selected text italic or remove the italic font.

Underline text — Underline the selected text or remove the underline font.

Strikethrough text — Make the selected text strikethrough or remove the strikethrough font.

Change Background color — Highlight or un-highlight the selected text.

Change text color — Change color of the selected text or remove the effect.

Create a bulleted list — Create bulleted list or undo the list.

Create a numbered list — Create numbered list or undo the list.

Insert a reference link — Make the selected text a reference link. In order to remove the reference link from the text, you have to highlight the link and press this button. In the opened window you have to remove the url and press «OK». Then the link disappears. If not select the text and press the button, then inserted link will look the way it was in the field «Insert link». For example https://www.example.com/.

Print the notepad content — Print the notepad content.

Download the notepad content — Download content of the notepad in the Word format. Name of the file will contain a date and time of a download, for example:
«Notepad-online — 05.03.2017, 11.30».

Questions and suggestions

If you ve'got any questions or suggestions, please go to the page «Discussion». Also you can email them to info@notepad-online.com.

Help the project

If you want to donate some money, please, visit the page «Help the project».

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